New Beginnings & Such

Beginning is easy. Continuing is hard.

I have to admit, I talk about realizing my goals constantly – unfortunately, so much that my talking begins to restrain my doing. The stretches of imagination are so charming and such powerful tools because they break out of the boxes that confine us. They burst us out of stagnation into possibility. When we stay hidden in the box, indulging in our fantasies without making a conscious effort to achieve our goals, one day we realize we are just that: sitting in a box of wasted tools and regrets.

Yes, our ideas spur our starts. But it is our dedication and action that colours our journeys into the art that I call life.

Keeping to our schedules, valuing our word:
Let’s push forward.


“Never quit  something with great long-term potential just because you can’t deal with the stress of the moment.”

– Seth Godin, The Dip: A Little Book that Teaches You When to Quit

Hope you enjoyed my little post :). I was inspired by Seth Godin to start this daily blog; to create something each day to recollect my journey and share it with others.


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