If you were someone else looking at yourself, how would you perceive you?

Despite the fact that we are clear on who we are, the experience people receive can be completely different.  I used to hate the term ‘personal branding’: it sounded robotic, unforgiving, and artificial. But damn it, it’s important.

I think the term carries some negative connotations like: ‘not staying true to yourself’, ‘creating a false image’, ‘networking’ (also terribly robotic sounding), ‘business planning’, ‘manipulation’.

On the contrary, you can very much stay yourself. In fact, personal branding is staying yourself. It’s showing the world who you are and what you are capable of. Letting others realize the kindness, empathy, leadership, and dreams inside you. Not creating anything false, but simply emitting more of you, because you are proud of it and you want the world to know Hey, this is who I am!“. And that’s what matters – because we don’t want any misunderstandings.

It’s fair to say that when not only you understand your place in society, but when society recognizes you, it’s a lot easier to get around and have a good time. Be it friends, position and job interviews, or perhaps another stranger on the street, letting them know you (package: personality, potential, talents) is what matters. Personal branding.

Who are you to others?


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