I have been pretty demotivated recently. I know what my goals are, but I just felt… dead? Too lazy to complete them.

But then I came across this from “Are You Fully Charged” by Tom Rath:

“The pursuit of meaning – not happiness – is what makes life worthwhile.” 

All along, trying to chase after purely pleasure had made it impossible for me to enjoy my life day to day. Once I read it, it struck. Positive emotions, he writes, are empty, and are almost equivalent to facing adversity when they are meaningless (no purpose larger than themselves). Studies showed that people indeed, felt more lonely after reading a website on ‘how to be happy’.

Rather, finding something with meaning is not needing to search desperately for motivation: it is having motivation naturally come to you. Of course, being said, surround yourself with those who continue to encourage you that your dreams are possible.

Building strong connections, creating new things, learning and giving – these are the ways to get the joy we’ve been chasing all along.


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