Do it. Yes, now.

A lot of the time, I get pumped up ready, prepared – and never end up doing anything. Getting carried away by convincing yourself ‘I’m prepping myself to feel driven’ and ‘I work better when motivated’, unfortunately, is waay too common.

Quite frankly, I found myself in the middle of this excuse just a few minutes ago. I still managed to complete the task at hand (I know right?! – almost never happens after I get distracted). Looking at the time, I realized I literally took more than a whole 5 times longer to get ‘prepped’ than actually doing the thing. Yes, looking for meaning is important, but sometimes, just do it!

“Losers wait for motivation, winners get shit done.” I love it, Marie Forleo.

I am a winner. You are a winner. We get things done.

Comment down below! What is one affirmation you can make today?


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