“What is your flavour of shit sandwich?” I first heard it through Elizabeth Gilbert, then discovered Mark Manson. Both remarkable people who have found their olive.

What are you willing to push through? During the crappy days? When someone insults your work? Discourages you? Our paths are all tunnels… we do get out in the end. And the good thing is, these tunnels only yield two results:

  1. Something that didn’t work out.
  2. Something that worked out.

But ultimately, isn’t something that ‘works out’ just a fleeting moment? To me, it is not the search for the olive, but the quest to it: getting across the fire-breathing dragon, the gorge, sneaking across the bandit camp… We all get shit sandwiches. Take one so that when you get your olive – you’ve got a irreplaceable story now of how shitty your sandwich really was. And you can laugh.

As for the olive? That’s cool, too.


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