Subject: Stop Stealing. (I got this in my inbox the other day – subscriber of Marie Forleo here.)

I felt somewhat defensive instinctively, to be honest, which is sort of embarrassing for me to admit. I clicked on it, eager to read.

” If you don’t share your true voice with the world, you’re stealing.”

And just when I was reading from Tom Rath:

“Those who make a profound differenc e, in contrast, begin by asking what they can give.”

When I read it, bam. How can we not give, when so much has been given to us? And I’m not talking about a home or clothes – I’m talking genius. After receiving thousands of years worth of knowledge and bright ideas, we should create meaning with it, no? Or maybe stay in within the guidelines get the grades, get the pay and promotion and continue living with your creative potential muffled.

Rather, I believe those things flow naturally and follow. Besides, what’s the point if the true bright minded individual you are is suffering on the inside?

Tom Rath suggested a model I thought was profoundly thought invoking. Meaning and success, he suggests, is created where your interests, strengths, and what the world needs overlap.

You are a bright and creative human and you have so much to give! I’m 100% sure you’ll find yourself living to your potential when you choose to.


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