Determination only lasts for a few days?

We shouldn’t expect ourselves to conquer a big, ginormous goal with ribbons and lace popping everywhere. Too fancy and to difficult to match up to.

Being disappointed when we fail to reach that New Year’s resolution – ‘I will lose 5 pounds this year’ is silly. If you were never about losing the pounds, saying it won’t randomly help your cause. Our brains are ancient and need some accommodation as we rewire the pathways that are so deeply treaded upon. That’s why it’s all about the small wins.

Did you ever see a 35 year old pop out from their mother’s womb? Nope, they grew day by day. And so that means you can grow, day by day, and create something great in your life.

Grandeur plans and dreams don’t make our lives. It’s the everyday wins that matters. Those are the layers that eventually make up the whole cake! How nice would it be to give yourself a pat on the back every night knowing you gave it your all?

And guess what? One day you’ll look back and you realize… ‘Oh, I’m already at the top!’

image from China Economic Net (<<look, even the economy grows bit by bit!)



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